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I LOVE your cat drawings and style! Your dog week is very inspiring as well. Could you do another dog week?!... And consider a Boston Terrier? No wait, a Borzoi! Definitely a Borzoi!!!

Asked by ash4arts

Thank you!

I am seriously considering Dog Week 2.0. The first Dog Week was too much fun. I had to look up what a Borzoi was, very cool looking dog!

I love these cats so much, when ever I need a pick me up I spend time going through all of the posts giggling or just enjoying the regal cats. I saw in a previous question that someone asked if there was anywhere to buy prints. I would like to ask the same question to see if there are any updates. Honestly I would just like a whole book of all of these adorable creatures. Keep up the great work!

Asked by julianneseely

Thank you! 

Honestly I’ve wanting to set up shop for ages now but haven’t had the time. There are a few I’d like to make available, but if you had any suggestions (of preexisting drawings), I’ll definitely consider selling them.

As cute of an idea as it is, I doubt a book will ever happen. I mean, maybe someday, but let’s start with prints first and see how that goes ;) Thanks for the thought though! 

Hi! I absolutely love your drawings! But I was curious about you, do you have a deviantArt account, or facebook or something so we can see your other work? :) I couldn't find any information on the tumblr... :)

Asked by chimchim

Hi there!

No deviantArt for me, sorry! I’ve been meaning to set up another Tumblr to post more work, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon though! 



Hey folks, Daily Cat Drawings has a new look. Hopefully it makes scrolling through all the silly doodles a little easier ;)

Happy Friday!