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Hi! I absolutely love your drawings! But I was curious about you, do you have a deviantArt account, or facebook or something so we can see your other work? :) I couldn't find any information on the tumblr... :)

Asked by chimchim

Hi there!

No deviantArt for me, sorry! I’ve been meaning to set up another Tumblr to post more work, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon though! 



Hey folks, Daily Cat Drawings has a new look. Hopefully it makes scrolling through all the silly doodles a little easier ;)

Happy Friday!

What cat type blogs do you follow?

Asked by royalcanada

I actually don’t follow all that many (I like art blogs!), but I really love love4my2cats. They’ve got really lovely photos of their twin Russian Blues. Cats are all over the internet, so finding cat blogs with consistently good photos are hard to come by. Then again I may just not be looking hard enough or in the right place! If you’ve got any suggestions please let me know! 

How do you do tiger stripes ? I started drawing a tiger !

I’ve found that tiger stripes turn out cooler if you literally just scribble them in. No joke. Study some reference, figure out how the pattern works, then go nuts!

Best of luck with your tiger drawing!

i dont know how often you get asks but i wanted you to know i love everything about this blog and its the blog i look forward to most during the day because these pieces are gorgeous and i take inspiration from the designs and i love them alot!! uvu

Aww thank you so much! I’ve been in a stink mood all day but now I’m all smiles. You’re awesome, and I’m glad you’re enjoying all the cat drawings

<3 H

what is your personal favorite drawing(s?) from this blog? (i have too many to count, so i'm asking you heh)

Asked by gsdpup

Oh wow. I think one of my favorites has always been my black lion sketch from way back. An oldie but a goodie. 

I still love the shape and character of this one. If you want a closer look he’s cat drawing #40 and you can find the original post here